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Here’s a seamless solution for selling your home amidst life’s challenges

Discover a stress-free way to sell your home, even with pets and clutter
B.C. House Buyer buys homes that are distressed in one way or another in an easy, no-hassle, fair transaction. B.C. House Buyer photo

Selling real estate is almost always a high-pressure process. Staging, home-showings, open houses. The pressure can ramp up even higher if you’re contending with clutter or dealing with what repeated disruptions would do to your pets.

Andrew, a long time resident of Langley who had been living in the same home for more than 20 years, had a dilemma.

He wanted to move, but with seven dogs in the household, and a small mountain of stuff accumulated from family members over the decades, he had no idea on how he was going to get his home ready to sell.

Preparing the home for sale seemed an overwhelming task.

How would Andrew deal with the clutter? How would he deal with multiple open houses, which would mean repeated and stressful disruption for his pets, with strangers in the home, doors being opened and closed, and the distraction of dogs barking?

Then he heard about , a local company offering to purchase homes in any condition without the hassle of preparing for the market, eliminating concerns about clutter or disturbances to his and his pets’ lives.

That’s where Darren Moore, a local home buying specialist for B.C. House Buyer and other team members stepped in, offering Andrew an easy way to sell his home, no matter what the condition.

For pet owners, moving cats, dogs, and other furry friends out of the house for each showing can be disruptive and stressful for both the homeowner and the animals.

B.C. House Buyer cuts through all of the chaos and clutter by going to the home, meeting the owner and making them an offer to purchase their home. Photo courtesy B.C. House Buyer

Darren notes that Andrew’s clutter issue is not uncommon, attributing it to extended family often utilizing their parents’ home for various storage needs.

“People collect things over time,” Darren says. “So when people want to sell, it’s a huge job to get rid of things and get the house ready for showing, and then the remaining clutter hurts the market appeal of their home.”

B.C. House Buyer cuts through all of the chaos and clutter by going to the home, meeting the owner and making them an offer, often during the first meeting, to purchase their home.

The sale becomes an easy, no-hassle, fair transaction, and if they wish, homeowners can even leave their clutter behind. B.C. House Buyer will clean that up and deal with it.

That means there’s no need for open houses, and no reason to make your home showable.

“It will not impact our interest or ability in buying your home,” Darren says. “And we do not judge.”

Any house will likely sell, even if it’s cluttered.

However, with higher interest rates, it is becoming more difficult to sell homes. And while clutter might not be an impairment when the housing market is booming, any barrier to sale during a real estate downturn can be a significant, deal-killing problem.

“That makes us a good option for you to just sell your home and move on with the next step of your life,” Darren says.

B.C. House Buyer buys homes that are distressed in one way or another – including with structural damage, mould, problem tenants, and yes, clutter – and then renovate, restore and rehab the home. This returns the home to the market in better condition, adds to the province’s housing stock and gives future buyers better quality options.

In fact, B.C. House Buyer will even buy vacant lots with junk on it, helping property owners rid themselves of a costly clean-up before sale.

Interested? Learn more at or call or text 778-488-9570.